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The Story Behind The Travel Bottle

May 23, 2017

The Travel Bottle is inspired by the desire to explore the world and venture beyond the horizon. Whether it’s trekking through the forests of South America, scaling the mountains of the Himalayas, or uncovering the sand dunes of the Middle East, the Travel Bottle explores the unexplored with you.

Here at The Travel Bottle, we wanted to come up with a multi-use bottle that is not only eco-friendly but can be used in many different ways. There is just so much plastic waste around the world right now and we strive to produce bottles that are eco-friendly and at the same time beautiful and will give you that wanderlust feeling as well. Each Travel Bottle is designed with original custom art that showcases beautiful destinations from across the world. Each Travel Bottle is a collectible item for the wanderlust travelers. We encourage you to take a Travel Bottle on an adventure with you or simply use it as a beautiful decorative piece inside your home.

Find Your Destination and Let's Explore Together.

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