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The Signature Travel Bottle

  • Our signature bottle features our signature logo which is comprised of a compass and a mandala to form a bird that is traveling without limits across the world. Each one is symbolic of something on its own, but when joined together they represent what The Travel Bottle is about.

    Compass [never get lost]
    Mandala [explore the universe]
    Bird [flying has no boundaries]

    The Travel Bottle is inspired by the desire to explore the world and venture beyond the horizon. Whether it’s trekking through the forests of South America, scaling the mountains of the Himalayas, or uncovering the sand dunes of the Middle East, the Travel Bottle explores the unexplored with you. 

    Whether you decide to take it along with you on your next adventure or use it for normal everyday use, each Travel Bottle may be used in various ways and nothing makes for a more perfect gift. #TheTravelBottle

    -Leak-resistant stainless steel cap with carrying handle
    -BPA and Lead-Free

    For care instructions, please visit our FAQ page.